meet the team

  • sfumato

  • chloe

    Chloe – Not what she seems… or is she?

    This girl is an enigma. A contradiction. She’s shy, but there’s a certain confidence lurking behind that apparent shyness.

    Chloe loves the people she works with. In fact, when we asked her why she’s still here after six and a half years, she simply said “all my friends work here”.


    The staff seem to love her too… and even more importantly, clients seem to love her.

    When we did some digging, she had another reason that she still liked working with us. “I’m still learning… I’ll always be learning… and this is probably the perfect place to keep doing that” is what she said.

  • wayne

    Wayne – 103 going on 19

    He’s not really 103 of course, but it seems like he has been in hairdressing forever. He is, in fact, about to start his 40th year. 31 years as a salon owner.

    In 31 years, Wayne has pretty much fulfilled all his personal (hairdressing) dreams but he still has a drive and a passion to help his talented team achieve theirs.

    It’s not just about hairdressing though. He has a creative core that see’s him designing home renovations, landscaping … and building cardboard salons in the living room with son Hugo.

    If you see someone dancing alone… camping it up on the dance floor in wearing a massive smile, converse shoes, torn shirts & tight black jeans, there’s a fair chance it will be Wayne. No one will dance with him… not even his wife. Over-the-top camp when the music starts… a straight shooter with a pair of scissors!

    His other passions in life? Fitness, skiing and golf. We asked the local golf pro about Wayne’s golfing prowess. This is what he said, “I’ve hardly seen him on the course. In the rough a lot, but hardly ever on the actual course.”

    Biggest failure? Keeping under the speed limit in his toy. No wonder he couldn’t get into the police force!

    Life’s high points? Apart from having two wonderful boys Jarrod and Hugo: thirty consistent years of business success; finally being able to kiss his big toe; and not getting divorced again are up their.

    Proudest moments would be, co-directing New York Fashion week… becoming a creative partner to our Dark Mofo… and most of all, still being alive at 50. Mind you, the ‘living past 50’ happened a little while ago;)

  • bree

    Bree – Trusting, honest, quirky, creative and a bit of a dork.

    These are just some of the words that come to mind when trying to describe one of our longest serving and most loyal team members, Bree.
    She’s got many a colourful story to tell… yet is an excellent listener. You can be confident that she’ll do everything she can to make you feel happy and confident.
    There’s a time for everything under the sun and Bree gets that balance just right. She’ll tell you how trying to squeeze another book in her one bedroom apartment is almost impossible and fill you in on the latest goss and how her cat Fergus is doing.
    Her interests are reading, (but you already know that). Cooking, prepping new ideas and colour pallets for photoshoots.
    With a score of 96% on a master colour exam and with continual training on the latest techniques and technologies, Bree knows colour! That’s why she’s our in house Colour Trainer.
    Keep an eye out on the socials as she does some incredible work. She was even a finalist in the Creative Colourist category of the AHFA Awards 2016

  • jasmine

    Jasmine – Fashion and creativity in her blood.

    Hairdressing wasn’t Jasmine’s first choice. She decided that a Bachelor of Fine Arts was for her. So Uni, textiles and fashion beckoned. But, after moving out of home, there were bills to pay… and a social life to be had. So the interest in Uni waned. Time to get a job.

    Her sister said ‘hairdressing … but Jasmine tried hard not to take her advice.

    Turns out that her sister was not only right, but a pretty decent judge of hairdressing talent. Jasmine has just started her fourth year and she’s a finalist in the Hair Fashion Awards.

    You might have seen her entry in Journal Magazine. We have a copy in the salon.

    “It’s amazing what a colour change can do to someone’s mood and personality” she says. “… and by the way, you might have visited me for a colour… but now I can do it all for you. Cut… colour… style. Come see me:)”

    “I love learning and Sfumato is the perfect place to do that. So thankful to be working in such a creative environment.”

    Oh… and did we mention… Jas WON AHFA Apprentice Hairdresser of the Year 2016!!!! That’s AUSTRALIAN Apprentice Hairdresser of the Year!

  • jacob

    Jacob – Looks a lot like a guy who used to work with us:)

    Hairdrssing is in his blood, it’s not just a career for him, it’s a passion.

    He loves to have a chat and he’s as good a listener as he is a talker. In some circles he was known as a dancer too, having competed in ballroom dancing for a number of years but those days are over.

    He remembers first being in the salon as a child standing on a box to reach the basin and carefully taking out the rollers from the regulars hair and singing them a song.

    He can play the piano and still sits and plays and sings as a way of winding down after a busy day in the salon.

    He loves finding out what makes you tick and catering to those needs, you can trust him to give you a big change or keep your trusted style looking wonderful.

    There will still more to come with ongoing training and ever evolving; keep an eye on our FB and Insta.


  • loretta

    Loretta – Long hair star – Tele Tubbie devotee!

    Loretta tells us that she never gets embarrassed! We’ll see about that!!!!

    Loretta likes to watch Tele Tubbies in her undies while soaking her feet in fermented goat cheese!!!! There, that should cause a little embarrassment! We’re joking of course… or a little psychic perhaps. We don’t actually know that she does this… but she’s pretty creative, so who knows?

    17 years of hairdressing may also cause some strange habits at home.

    Here’s the boring stuff. She’s creative and generous (and a whole lot of fun to work with); she loves her work and making people happy…in fact she even likes watching other hairdressers putting smiles on the faces of their clients; and she’s a star with long hair, bridal looks and creative colouring!

    She’s also very proud of her family; likes spending time on the beach, watching movies, gardening, getting caught in the rain… and pinacoladas! Oh,and she does have half a brain. Not all of that’s true, but it sort of flows:)

  • demelza

    Demelza – The real Demelza… the other one’s a fake.

    Yes, the name is a little… um, unusual, but there’s a story here. Her mum simply loved ‘Poldark’, a series of novels written in the 40s and 50s by Winston Graham.

    Demelza was a servant girl (not this Demelza, she wasn’t born then) who marries the main character. Demelza’s mum (our Demelza – the other one is a fictional character) loved the name and called Demelza, Demelza… you know what we’re trying to say. Her mum was a hairdresser as well, owning a salon in the Huon for many years.

    We think the name suits. She’s a little out-of-the-ordinary, just like the name… and she’s a creative at heart, not just when it comes to hair and clothing.
    Her proudest moment? Landing a job here! We’re so flattered and very pleased we chose each other.

    Demelza Button…. isn’t that the cutest name you ever heard?

    Demelza has been building a name for herself on the National Stage as well, as a finalist in the New Creative Force category of the Schwarzkopf Pro Hair Expo. Watch this space for the result. There are more awards too, but we’ll update you when this one sinks in.

  • jess

    Jess – “Wayne didn’t like me… the staff told him he was wrong… thanks guys:)”

    So… Jess got her start … and she’s fitting in like she was born to it.

    It’s been more than two years since Wayne had her in for a one day trial and he’s pretty happy he changed his mind.

    Resilient would be the perfect word to describe her… Jess left home at 14 … yes 14… and made the most of every opportunity.

    She’s has been working since way back then in a café. And just to prove that even on… well… a meager income, you CAN get it together to save and buy a home… that’s exactly what she did with her partner last November.

    Oh… and apparently she gives a great head massage. She has a $5 tip to prove it:)

  • matt

    Matt – his new profile is his old profile… almost.

    He’s still too busy to talk about himself and his hair is now two kilometres long. Still not sure what’s going on with that, but he seems to be able to pull it off.

    He’s still an Excellent Edge Ambassador… and now a Loreal iD-Artist. Ask him what that means. It’s kind of a big deal.

    This little piece from 50 Cent will give you some insight… maybe.

    God gave me style; God gave me grace

    God gave me style; God gave me grace

    God put a smile on my face

    Haha, God put this smile on my face

    God made me shine like the sun; God make me shine like the sun

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the one; Sometimes I feel like I’m the one

    It ain’t my fault

    Probably not the lyric he would have chosen… but we didn’t want to have to bleep out every second word. Not unexpected from a scissor-slinging, hairstyling genius from King Island? What Matt? You’re not from King Island?

  • jo

    Joanna – still a Control Freak… never gives up!

    Jo built a house not too long ago… OK… she’ll admit that she didn’t actually build it, but she’s a co-ordinator with method-madness (a perfectionist – a Virgo whatever that is) and what she really means is that she drove a builder crazy for quite a few months while he built her house for her.

    Jo also speaks other languages. Polish fluently… Spanish not so fluently and anything else that takes her fancy that day… we don’t know… it’s all Double-Dutch to us.

    She’s still loves managing people… talking to people… helping people… controlling people. That’s what she does and she blames it on that Virgo thingy… again. Apparently it means she’s a perfectionist. We’re not going to show Jo her profile before we publish it. She’ll only change it anyway.

  • kellie

    Kellie – Kellie – Has a smile that will light up a salon.

    Actually, it’s more than that. She has a demeanor that means she lifts the morale of the whole salon even when things aren’t quite going to plan. Maybe that’s why others seek her out when they need a chat or a shoulder.

    Kellie has a lot to smile about. She’s happily married (according to her husband:) with a wonderful home on the sunny eastern shore. And now she’s renovating. Life’s great! That’s about it at the moment… work and renovations.

    For years, Kelly wanted to work at Sfumato and at the beginning of 2011 she made her move.
The little push she got from another Sfumato team member may have helped. Whatever it was, we’re very happy she knocked on our door.

    She says she’s “inspired all over again” and we can see it in her work. She has an obvious passion for hair and a
    natural connection with her clients.

    Her creativity isn’t restricted to the salon… she’s creative at home as well. Her never ending renovation project will keep her busy for years as she changes the look over and over and over and over. That’s the trouble with being creative. You’re always looking for a better, fresher, more contemporary option.

  • Bronte

    Bronte – Penguin … Drunken Admiral …. workaholic.

         That probably sums up her life. Though she does also enjoy a night out and a pump class.

    OK, she’d not a Penguin… is where she grew up. And probably where she developed that relaxed attitude to life as well as her work ethic.

    The Drunken Admiral is where you’ll find her on Sundays. Working, not drinking thankyou.

    Not an animal person… there’s a story about a flying cat. We won’t go there. The cat is OK.

    It was 50/50 whether we were going to take Bronte on at Sfumato. Not because she wasn’t good enough, she was. It was because she applied with her friend Mia… and they were both good, but we only needed one of them. We took them both.

    “I love hairdressing. The industry is always evolving and it can take me anywhere. It’s not completely without stress if you care about what you’re doing, but that comes with the territory” she tells us.

  • Bek

    Bek – Back to the future!

    Bek’s back after two years involving: another house reno started; raising a little lady; a lap around Europe; and study at UTas.

    So what has drawn her back? Well, you simply can’t suppress 22 years of artistic passion. It was bound to push it’s way back to the top … and the team and our guests ate very happy to have her back.

    She’s a multi award winning hairdresser but now she’s busy giving you what you want, rather than making an artistic statement about her own work.

    She’s a listener and her aim is to give you exactly what you ask for.

    Or you can put yourself completely in her hands and trust her to use her flair to produce something entirely new that suits your look and your personality. She’d love the opportunity:)

    She’ll have more to tell you, but we’ll leave you to find out for yourself, by sitting in her chair and having a chat.

  • Tom

    Tom – Music – Sociology – Psychology

    Three years of Sociology and Psychology sounds like the perfect start to life as a hairdresser. Not the usual start, but certainly a useful grounding for someone that will be working with people for most of his life.

    “Life’s about doing something you love, not the amount of money you earn, so do something that interests you” says Tom… and we couldn’t agree more.

    So Tom has chosen the two things that interest him – playing guitar (music really – he sings also)… and hairdressing.

    His love of hairdressing began more than ten years ago when he first started coming to Sfumato… as a client. He looked forward to every visit, without at first thinking of hairdressing as a career. It wasn’t just the industry, it was the people he met and their approach to life that inspired. We’re loving having him here.

    He’s articulate and conversational… and seems to have an older head on his shoulders. You can expect some considered conversation if you get the chance to talk to him.

    One day, he’d like top enter competitions and explore the art of hairdressing, but for the moment he’s just loving being involved with the people he gets to work with every day.

    On the music front… the band he was playing with has split … and he’s available:) Punk, jazz, rock, funk blues… he’d be interested in catching up with good people who want to make good noise.

    Oh… he’s also a gamer nut… with his Nintendo belt buckle and his Gameboy t-shirt that he didn’t seem to want to talk about. He might ask us to take that out:)

  • Harry

    Harry – accidental hairdresser.

    Accidental Hairdresser? What on earth does that mean? Well, Harry’s career started like this… a few of his friends got together to ‘hang out’… someone need a cut – as a joke, Harry cut his hair. Went all in, in fact. Stylish, modern, with fake part shaved in. It went OK… no one died ☺ So Harry started cutting his own hair – and that went well… most of the time. “I had to go full crew cut twice to cover less than perfect results” he said.

    Then the requests started coming from friends. The first hair cut was free… then $10. Then word spread around school.

    A friend of his mum used to work here at Sfumato and she sent him to us. The rest is fate. He basically fell into hairdressing.

    He did in fact get two jobs at the same time, but loved our approach to education – a pathway planned and mapped out to make him a better hairdresser… that knows how to look after a guest.

    He has seen what Jasmine and Bree have achieved and he’s headed down a similar path.