Ok, not the cheapest… but not the most expensive either

We employ the best of the best, including three-time Tasmanian Hairdresser of the Year and highly awarded master stylists who are award winners in every hairdressing category (including National Titles), plus specifically trained colourists to give you the best advice.

We do what we can to pay them what they’re worth, so it costs a little more to employ the best in this business… and it costs a little more to keep them. It also costs a little more to provide massage chairs, quality coffee and a salon set up that won’t have you looking into someone else’s mirror.

So, we’ve done our best to set prices that are fair for you, fair for our staff and keeps us in business.

There are two simple ways to choose a stylist

The simplest way is to look at our 24 hour online booking service. When entering the colour services you are interested in you will be given a choice between a “Technician” and a “Creative Technician.”

They are all creative of course, however, if you choose a Creative Technician you’ll pay just a little more for a more experienced operator. You’ll also be able to choose from a drop-down list of names.

Alternatively, you can call us on 62 24 00 94 and ask Jo to help you choose.

shape & style

shape-and-styleAfter a professional consultation, relax and allow us to create for you a complete re-style if desired. This service includes a shampoo and rehydration conditioner.
Women Men
Wayne Chappell – Director $100.50 $80.50
Master Stylist $95.50 $72.50
Master Colour/Stylist $95.50 $72.50
Senior Creative $93.50 $70.50
Principal Creative $83.50 $68.50
Emerging Stylist $81.00 $67.00
Stylist $78.00 $64.00
Approx service time 40 min.

hair foiling

hair-foilingSections of hair are wrapped in foil creating subtle shade variations or extreme colour contrasts. Our rehydration treatment (Goldwell Serum) is recommended with this service. We also strongly recommend Smartbond protection and strengthening for many color services. Ask your technician whether Smartbond would be of benefit to you.
Senior Dedicated Master
Technician Technician Colourist
Foiling Short $120.50 $145.50 $155.50
Med $135.50 $160.50 $170.50
Long $160.50 $185.50 $195.50
Creative Foiling – 'Freehand Painting' Quoted on individual basis during consultation
Elumen Short $140.50 $165.50 $175.50
Med $160.50 $185.50 $195.50
Long $185.50 $210.50 $220.50
Cutting, Styling and Finishing services not included.
Master Colourist or Dedicated Technician – additional charges apply.


colouring-servicesCutting, Styling & Finishing services not included. 24 hr Skin testing required before all new services. 6 hr Cancellation Notice required. We also strongly recommend GOLDWELL BondPro protection and strengthening for most color services. Ask your technician whether BondPro would be of benefit to you.
Technician Creative Technician
Retouch Short $107.50 $132.50
Med $118.50 $143.50
Blondies Full-head $138.50 $163.50
Long Last Gloss Short $98.50 $123.50
Med $110.50 $135.50
Long $122.50 $147.50
Approx service time 60 min. Lightening/Toning and Colour Correction Prices on Consultation


hair-upsFor our clients with long hair requiring an elegant or catwalk look. Styling is done on dry hair including hair pins and styling aids.
Base hair-ups from $124.00
Approx service time 60 min. Bridal, Formals & Creative quotations on Consultation.

dry & finish

dry-and-finishingWanting your hair professionally styled dry or dressed out for a special occasion. Or to simply feel good. Includes shampooing, conditioning & scalp massage.
Short $52.00
Med $62.00
Long $72.00
Approx service time 30 min (short hair). Flat irons from $24.00


designer-curlsFor those who feel extra body and bounce are lacking. Return the volume and enhance your facial features with curls.
Evolution $123.50
Partial $108.50


We would all love to be proud owners of trouble free hair that shines with health and vitality, but sadly the environment & busy lifestyle work against us.
We’ve gone to great lengths to provide solutions for difficult hair with a range of treatments at the luxury end … of course.
10, 20 and 45 min treatments available. Ask us for prices.
GOLDWELL BondPro Damage Protection and Strengthening $70.00
GOLDWELL Serum Treatments $20.50
Kerastase Strengthening Rituals $56.00
Kerastase Smoothing Ritual $56.00
Kerastase Nourishing Rituals $56.00
Kerastase Volumising Rituals $56.00
Additional treatment layers $10.00 each